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Do people often compliment you on your attractive and pleasant appearance from the very begining a) Not often, but sometimesb) Occasionally, I receive complimentsc) Yes, I get compliments frequentlyd) I receive compliments quite oftene) People often compliment my appearance


Do you feel like you have a slow and steady pace in your daily activities and are not easily rushed? like you prefer to eat slow a) No, I always feel rushed.b) I sometimes feel rushed.c) I have a moderate pace.d) I usually take my time.e) Yes, I am very patient.


Have you noticed that you can lift heavier weights and perform physical activities with ease? a) Definitelyb) Moderatelyc) Somewhatd) Slightlye) Not at all


Have you been able to maintain a healthy body weight and physique throughout your life?Do you naturally have a muscular and toned body without having to put in much effort at the gym? a) Absolutely, I’ve always had a healthy physique.b) Yes, I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight.c) My weight and physique have […]


Have you noticed any improvements in your overall physical and mental wellbeing since maintaining a healthy sex life? a. Neverb. Sometimesc. Moderately oftend. Very oftene. Always


Have you always had a healthy and robust sexual appetite? a) Strongly Agreeb) Agreec) Neutrald) Disagreee) Strongly Disagree


Have you experienced issues with allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, medications, or environmental factors such as pollen or dust? a) No, I am not allergic.b) Rarely, but not severe.c) Sometimes, mild reaction.d) Often, moderate reaction.e) Yes, severe reaction.


Have you noticed that your hair tends to become greasy or oily quickly, or that you need to wash it more frequently than others? a. My hair doesnt become oily quicklyb. Occasionally, I may notice my hair becoming greasy faster.c. Sometimes, I find my hair getting oily quickly and needing more frequent washing.d. Often, I […]


Do you find that your skin tends to become shiny or reflective, even shortly after washing or cleansing your face? a) Skin remains matte.b) Slightly shiny after cleansing.c) Noticeable shine after cleansing.d) Always shiny, even after cleansing.e) Skin is excessively reflective.


Are you someone who tends to urinate more frequently than others, or do you produce larger amounts of urine than you would expect based on your fluid intake? a) No, my urination is normalb) I urinate slightly more than othersc) I urinate more frequently than mostd) I produce larger amounts of urinee) My urination is […]